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Support the transformative power of music. Here at Community Music Center of Houston, we are dedicated to the invaluable importance of musical education for children and young adults.
Give the Gift of Music Youth Programs Support Fund

Help support our music programs for children. Give the Gift of Music by making a tax deductible donation helping to sustain our youth music education programs.  With the absence of music in many public schools today CMCH will continue to bridge that gap by providing an opportunity for all children to excel with music.

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Ron Scales
Co-Founder’s Notes 


For more than three decades and through collaborative support from the community, the Community Music Center of Houston has endeavored to preserve Black musical traditions through performances and music education. We are excited about our future projects which include a new building where we can expand our preservation efforts and music education programming. We invite you to join our community building efforts. Thank you for your support. -Ron Scales

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