Community Music Center of Houston (CMCH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit music performing arts and education organization, founded in 1979. The mission of CMCH is the preservation, appreciation and performance of music that reflect black music traditions. 


CMCH was born out of the Black Church under the pastorship of Dr. William A. Lawson pastor emeritus and founder of Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church. Inspired by music director Mr. Clyde O. Jackson and founded by Ron Scales and Patricia Johnson in 1979

Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra  

The Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra was created by Ms. Ann Lundy in 1983. It is one of the oldest contemporary majority African American community orchestras in the United States. The goal of the Scott Joplin Orchestra is to disseminate and perform music written by African American composers with communities who have limited or no access to enjoy or become acquainted with orchestral works.

The Community Music Center is funded by a grant from 

the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.


P.O. Box 8363,

Houston, TX 77288

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2909A Barbee St. 

Houston, TX 77004 

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